What We Belief.

Jesus is the head of our church, and His Word is the standard for how we live — as individuals and as God’s family — for the glory of God. Below are brief statements for each of the essential Christian beliefs that we hold as a church and that are foundational to following Jesus in loving, faith-filled obedience.

We partake of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. If you are a baptized believer, we welcome you to His table. 

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About Our Church

We are a small independent reformed church located in North Zulch, TX

Elder LEd

Our form of government is presbyterian in nature; or, in other words, our church is governed by elders.

Presbyterian comes from the Greek word meaning, simply, “elder.” Paul emphasized a plurality of elders in the early church (Titus 1:5; Acts 20:17).

An elder is a biblically qualified man who has been nominated, trained, examined, and ordained to oversee the affairs of the church. The Bible gives explicit qualifications for such men (1 Tim. 3:1-7).

Expository Preaching

At the center of our life together as a church are our practices regarding the Scriptures. We offer mid-week bible studies to dive into Scriptures, we exegetically follow through books of the Bible, and our pastor is deeply committed to Christ-centered, expository preaching.

By this term we simply mean the apostolic and classically protestant practice of preaching sermons which are based on a careful explanation and application of consecutive texts of biblical books, with a special emphasis on declaring how the Scriptures reveal the glory of Jesus Christ on every page.

We emphasize this form of preaching because we believe the Scriptures, as the Word of God, are a true means of grace for God’s people, and as such, the preacher must submit himself to the text, not the other way around.

Intentional Pastoral Care

In our modern age, the expectations for a pastor can be overwhelming at times. At Pleasant Grove, we’re committed to a vision of pastoral ministry where the pastor is not a CEO or a manger of programs, but rather a shepherd of souls.

This means that we work to free our pastor to spend his week in study, prayer, and spending time meeting with members in their homes, in his study, or over lunch.

At some churches, it can be difficult to know the pastor. At Pleasant Grove, our pastor is committed to knowing and caring for each of the members of his congregation.